Are your hormones out of balance?

Are you suffering from:

  • belly fat, low energy, adrenal fatigue, foggy thinking, or sugar cravings?
  • weight gain, cravings, anxiety, PMS, depression, acne, or mood swings?
  • low libido, hot flashes, fibroids, tender breasts, night sweats, or fatigue?
  • vaginal dryness, headaches, memory lapses, heavy periods, or hair loss?
  • fluid retention, sleep disturbances, excess hair,  or heart palpitations?
  • insomnia, feeling cold all the time, bloating, sweating, digestive issues, or rapid aging?

Your Health Journey to balanced hormones and a balanced you starts here!

Are you working hard and building a great career?

– but feeling exhausted all the time, have weight and/or long-term health issues

Are you being conscious and always buying health foods and fat-free products? 

– but all the additives, sugar and thickeners they add to give it some taste make it even worse

Are you enjoying all kinds of great-tasting foods?

– but not realizing you have allergies or sensitivities

Do you think  you are doing everything right?

– but your hormonal balance is out of whack and taking pills causes even more issues

Hormone imbalance – the hidden enemy


You may have been riding the roller coaster of the diet industry for years getting buffeted by all the polarized opinions on the same food. This week a particular food is supposedly the most healthy thing imaginable, then the next week it is apparently not something you want to eat at all.


In your attempts, you may have lost some weight, gained it back, made some progress but all the while feeling hungry and deprived. Or worse, you may have unknowingly been throwing your hormones into chaos.


Every choice we make in life affects us – some choices are good, some are bad, and some that seem good can have negative side-effects. Working out which foods are negatively affecting you is part of my job as a nutritionist.

Your immune system may be suffering, your hormones are possibly out of balance, and you may feel exhausted, anxious and irritable more frequently than you would like.  The stress of modern living, overwhelm, the expectations that women have to bear these days, pre-packaged and processed foods all have one thing in common – they are not designed to keep your hormones well balanced.

But what if you could feel amazing instead?

What if you could thrive through hormonal balance?


  • Angie was a great coach, strict but gentle. Almost immediately, from the second day, my digestive issues decreased dramatically. Weight dropped. I felt a ray of hope. As the protocol continued I grasped the value of balancing my hormones …Angie was there to offer suggestions and encouragement with gentle prodding if needed. My life has turned a corner for the better. I am so grateful!  – Rini Twait

End the diet madness!

You’ve spent too much time and money trying to fix your hormonal imbalances with pills that only do half the job.

Start getting your body back into optimum hormone-producing and regulating shape.

You’ve wasted enough time not feeling great about how you look.

Start spending your time taking care of yourself instead. Balancing your hormones will make a difference inside and out.

You’ve done enough damage to yourself eating food that’s is not right for you in an effort to get thin.

Start enjoying delicious, nourishing, healthy and invigorating food that makes you feel good and lose weight the right way.

You’ve blown enough money on fads and crazy diets that work short-term, or not at all.

Start saving your money to treat yourself to a great new outfit, hairstyle or just about anything that makes you happier!

You’ve spent long enough feeling tired, exhausted, worn out and sick because of hormone imbalances and unhealthy living.

It’s time to get better. It’s time to take back your hormonal health. It’s time to love yourself, your body, and your life again.

It’s time to get off the roller coaster!

Say “good-bye” to fads, crash diets, unhealthy trends, and get on board the Mission: Nutrition train. There’s no deprivation, no starving, no cutting out good food – there’s plenty of great-tasting, healthy, nutritious food that will fill you, fuel you and make you feel amazing instead!

It’s a ride like no other – you’ll experience incredible health for the first time in years, you’ll feel stronger, better, more able to handle everything life throws at you and you’ll feel your out-of-whack hormones starting to do their job properly again.

Take it from me. I’ve been where you are, I’ve learned from my own choices, mistakes and good decisions how to find the path to health and nutrition that feeds and heals the mind, the body and the spirit. Now I am here to share what I’ve learned with you.


Take this journey with me today!

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