After years, or more accurately decades, of digestive issues, I was happy to become Angie’s client. I had been told by many doctors and health professionals that I had leaky gut. I’d been diagnosed with IBS perhaps 49 years ago. For most of those decades I simply tried to follow the rules and assumed that there was no other help to be had. Then these issues escalated, and were intensified by lots of pain and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  At the same time, I was locked into habits that were no longer serving me well, and things worsened.  It took a while for me to clear the path and start the protocol that Angie recommended. Part of the path-clearing necessitated shifting my attitude a bit, becoming more willing to give it a real try. Angie was a great coach, strict but gentle. Almost immediately, from the second day, my digestive issues decreased dramatically. Weight dropped. I felt a ray of hope. As the protocol continued I grasped the value … empowering me to make my own observations with much more clarity about what was happening in my body. Along the way, Angie was there to offer suggestions and encouragement with gentle prodding if needed. My life has turned a corner for the better. I am so grateful!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Rini Twait

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I started seeing Angie when my anxiety and hormonal imbalances were at it worst. That was the main reason for seeking out her help – Yes; I was diagnosed with Estrogen Dominance, Anxiety, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and was gaining weight. The effects of changing my diet were immediate and astounding. I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t easy. I was determined though. I felt so much better while I avoided sugar, alcohol, diary and gluten. I had moreenergy. I wasn’t depressed as much, my moodiness, bloating went away and my anxiety decreased. I feel like I can deal with stress much better. I’ve received necessary tools form Angie to make this happen. She really understood what I was going through, she supported me and at the same time she had high expectations that motivated me to follow the plan! The knowledge and tools she gave me will be mine for life!

– Anna Marie

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an extremely sensitive digestive system. Bananas, though healthy, would give me stomach aches. Oatmeal thought I loved it, would make my stomach feel heavy and leave me with zero energy. Not to mention milk…it gave me diarrhea! Year by year, I simply rolled with my sensitivities, not really knowing what to do about it. Then one day I decided to do something about and I found Angie. Working with her helped me understood how digestion system work and how is connected to hormones and brain. The results were amazing – my energy was through the roof and she lost 10 pounds. I felt like I’m in a completely different body. Angie showed me how eating the wrong foods led to my pain, inflammation, hormones issues and lethargy. It also taught me food combining, which is an invaluable way for people like me to eat. This is hands-down the best thing I’ve done for myself.

– Diana Cook

Agnieszka is extremely knowledgeable in hormonal balance and the role of proper nutrition. I have been living with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and proper nutrition is key to keeping the symptom under control. Her guidance was insightful and instructions were easy to implement into my daily life. I highly recommend Agnieszka for any woman who struggles with hormonal balance or just wants to take care of her body and health.

– Anna Kowalska