Mission: Nutrition

The better way to health

You know what bugs me about modern living? What the food industry has done to our food.

They tell us on packages that it’s “health” food, or it’s “fat-free”, so it must be good for us, right?
But it’s packed full of preservatives and extra sugar and thickeners and artificial flavors just to make it taste like something, all of which damages our body’s regulation.

They convince us that it’s easier to just buy pre-made, pre-packaged foods… because who has the time to make real food, anyway?
But that convenience comes with a price, and it’s not money – it’s our health. All those preservatives and chemicals cause all kinds of hormonal issues.

They complain that obesity is an epidemic and that it’s because people eat too much unhealthy food.
But they don’t give us a real education on what healthy eating really means, how the “wrong” foods affect us and how they change our bodies.

They judge us for gaining weight, being unhealthy, feeling sick and tired, and needing more and more medical assistance.
But they don’t offer any good alternatives, just tricks and lies and fad diets that don’t last.


Well, I’m done with that nonsense.

I’m on a Mission.  Nutrition is all about making YOU healthy and strong, re-balancing your immune and hormonal systems as well as putting you back in control of your own life.

Stop surviving and start Thriving!

I’ve been where you are today. I spent the first few years after moving to the USA running a cleaning business and exposing myself to toxic chemicals day in and day out. I was eating all the wrong foods, not really understanding those lists of ingredients – my English wasn’t so good! – and believing the packages when they told me convenience foods were “healthy”.

My personal journey took me to some interesting places, throughout this beautiful country, as well as inside myself. I’ve lived in new places, and I’ve learned amazing new things. I’ve treated my body badly, and I’ve treated her well. I’ve given her bad food, and I’ve nourished, care for and protected her. And now, twenty years down the line, I may still have one or two small health issues I’m still working on getting rid of for good, but I feel better than I have in two decades, and I’ve come such an incredibly, unbelievably long way.

I stopped just surviving, stopped just feeding myself what I believed was the bare minimum to be healthy. I started taking care of me, nourishing my body, feeding it what it needed to keep my immune system, hormone balance and energy levels at optimum, peak performance. I started to thrive, and so can you.

The holistic approach

One thing I understood from early in my personal journey is that you can’t just start eating healthy food and think everything will be one hundred percent. There’s so much more to nourishing yourself!

Your mind plays such an important role in how you feel and respond – just think about it, those times you give up and start binge-eating unhealthy sweets and cakes all start with something in your mind. So when you embark on a journey of wellness, you must take care of your body, your mind and your spirit, if you hope to fully heal.

Treating you holistically

Because I work on the holistic approach, I take the time to understand what you need. Together, we will work on:

  • Proper, gentle cleansing
  • Hormonal imbalances: estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue, PCOS, PMS, Endometriosis, menopause and more
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Excess weight
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Food allergies and healthy gut
  • Liver detoxification, including methylation
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Digestive system restoration

The program

I believe that everything that’s worthwhile takes time to do right, which is why my program consists of three months of total support, guidance and help.

During the three months of Mission: Nutrition, we will have bi-weekly one-on-one sessions to help you:

  • Understand your unique nutrition needs
  • Plan meals, shop for wholesome foods and prepare delicious recipes
  • Stay motivated on your path to health
  • … and so much more

So many fad diets tell you that you can change everything overnight – that it’s super-easy and no trouble… until you have to plan your meals, go shopping for the right foods, and give up everything you’ve ever enjoyed – forever!

My approach is to take enough time to teach you, step by step, and to offer help and guidance along the way. The first three months are always the most difficult, because this is when you learn and get used to a new lifestyle – so that’s the time that I spend helping you!

Within those three months, you will learn everything you need to know. You will also:

  • Start to experience incredible changes in your body, balancing of hormones, healing and even weight loss.
  • Unleash the power of your own immune system to heal you and fight diseases.
  • Learn how to balance nutrition, achieve mental and physical health, and make time to heal your soul.
  • Empower you to restore your health and vitality through comprehensive, holistic education and nutrition.

There for you

I strongly believe in being there every step of the way for my people, and I also believe that to work with someone, to trust someone, you have to gel with them. That’s why I want to offer you a free, no-obligation, 30-minute Balanced Hormones Breakthrough Session to find out if we are destined work together. You tell me what you need, and I tell you what I can offer – if we find common ground, then we’re halfway there!

Next, we do an initial consultation, during which we go through a detailed questionnaire that I have worked out over hundreds of hours with my clients. This questionnaire is designed to find out what your unique needs, tastes, eating style; health goals and so much more are, so that we can create a tailored program just for you.

Get your free Balanced Hormones Breakthrough Session

If you want to find out what real health, sustainable weight loss, and enjoying your life can be like, book your free, no-obligation 30-minute Balanced Hormones Breakthrough Session here today.

Nutritionist Services:

I am looking forward to helping you on your journey to better health in large part because I know how important having knowledgeable mentors was for me.  I’ve been there in the past, and life makes it a constant balancing act: trying to balance work, my personal life and avoiding burn out are constant challenges for most of us.

I have come across so many women who are needlessly suffering from poor health, anxiety, weight gain, and uncontrollable mood swings – all of which can be helped by balancing their hormones.  Many of these women really just don’t realize there is help, hope and a solution.  I suffered for years until I found the right mentor.

I hope I can be that beacon of hope – that right person – for you.  It is immensely rewarding to see a client regain control of her life, her moods and bring those hormonal imbalances back into check.  While this is happening my clients also start feeling, and looking better than ever!  My goal is to offer my client’s both lifestyle and nutrition tools so they can operate at their highest levels.


I offer consultation via phone and Skype. From my experience, this approach works very well for people with today’s busy life! It’s easily accessible for just about everyone, and reduces the stress of battling even more traffic in an attempt to find a more peaceful healthy way. 

Advantages of working remotely are:

  • No travel time
  • Sessions in the healing comfort of your own home
  • No need to make any additional arrangements
  • Flexibility to schedule a consultation from wherever you are

60-Minute Initial Nutrition Consultation – $175 Click Here!

This is where all clients start. The session is designed to get to know each other, evaluate your intake form, dive deep in your dietary habits, health history, medications, lifestyle, symptoms, labs and more… all to determine the best strategy to help you accomplish your unique goals. With that session you’ll receive a summary of recommendations and a wellness plan designed for you.

These sessions are designed to give us the opportunity to check in to review any changes you are seeing, and get a feel for what may, or may not, be working.  We will make adjustments accordingly.  We’ll also go through your food journal and any new lab results, all to continually adapt the best strategy to fit your immediate needs and profile.  This is not a one size fits all approach.  We are looking for the welllness plan that most closely fits your exact symptoms and dietary needs.   The ongoing ‘end result’ being a  wellness program that helps you meet your goals on the road to vitality and optimal health. As we progress, we’ll reevaluate previous goals and, if necessary, we will set new ones.


Book your 6 Session Discounted package – Special Pricing – $600
Buy now!


DUTCH test consultation

This is a one-time analysis of your DUTCH test results.  This test yields a real-time snapshot of your blood chemistry that will help us customize a protocol for your specific situation.  There is no single way to approach every person’s needs, we need clarity on your specific biochemistry and nutrition levels to find a custom starting point for the unique needs of your body.  This package consists of a pre-test consultation followed by another session in which we will discuss ideal foods, supplements and lifestyle changes that are the right fit for your situation.

These sessions are design to provide additional, ongoing support. These four follow up sessions are meant to provide continued guidance and direction as you move forward.

Other Nutrition Related Services

  • Full Nutrition Analysis with 30-minute session
  • Healthy, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free (and more!) Menu Design
  • Health and Nutrition Classes
  • Cooking Classes and Nutrition Demonstration
  • Revamp Your Kitchen and Pantry
  • Shopping Tour
  • Diet and Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Computer Diet Analysis
  • Detox and Cleansing Programs
  • Anti-inflammatory Protocols
  • DUTCH test consultation. This is a one-time analysis of your DUTCH test results. You will get an initial consultation with me before you do your DUTCH test to determine if the test is right for you and how to proceed with the test, then another consultation, in which I will go over your results and make food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

In my practice I also recommend doing some lab work for a closer look at your health and a complete evaluation.


Gift Certificate - 90 minute Consultation

Give someone you love a chance to change their life!

Initial Consulation

This initial session is meant as a deep dive into current diet, habits around food and belief systems that may need some revising!

Gift Certificate - 90 minute Consultation

Give someone you love a chance to change their life!

Initial Consulation

This initial session is meant as a deep dive into current diet, habits around food and belief systems that may need some revising!

Gift Certificate - 90 minute Consultation

Give someone you love a chance to change their life!

Initial Consulation

This initial session is meant as a deep dive into current diet, habits around food and belief systems that may need some revising!

Gift Certificate - 90 minute Consultation

Give someone you love a chance to change their life!

Initial Consulation

This initial session is meant as a deep dive into current diet, habits around food and belief systems that may need some revising!